Maple Leaf Society

The Maple Leaf Society was established in 2009 by the Mountain State Forest Festival Board of Directors. The purpose of the Society is to promote and preserve the heritage of the Royal Court.

Membership in the organization presently includes the following groups: Former Queens Silvia, Former Maids of Honor, Parents of former Queens Silvia and former Maids of Honor, Former Directors General, and Former Queen’s Department Directors.

Former Queens SilviaOn October 2, 2009, Randall Reid-Smith, Commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, and Susie Kump, President of the Maple Leaf Society, inducted the Charter Members of the Maple Leaf Society into the organization. Charter Members included all former Queens Silvia and all former Maids of Honor from 1930 through 2008. All former Directors General and former Directors of the Queen’s Department were also welcomed as members of the Maple Leaf Society. Each year, thereafter, Queen Silvia, the Maids of Honor, Director General, and Director of the Queen’s Department from the previous year’s festival will be inducted into the Maple Leaf Society at an event during the Mountain State Forest Festival.

It is significant that as 2009, 74 young women from across the State of West Virginia have reigned as Queen Silvia; 156 women from Randolph County have been appointed as Maids of Honor; 60 Directors General have produced 74 years of the Mountain State Forest Festival, including appointment of our Queens Silvia and Maids of Honor; and 20 women have directed the Queen’s Department, the pageantry of the Coronation, and the activities of the Royal Court.

The Royal Court has been an integral part of the Mountain State Forest Festival since its inception in 1930. The Maple Leaf Society honors those who have participated in the Forest Festival, bringing beauty, elegance, and prestige to this unique celebration. The spirit generated by this once-in-a-lifetime experience continues to exist in the lives of its participants and helps to make the Mountain State Forest Festival one of the most magnificent festivals in the State of West Virginia.

Former Maids of Honor


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