82nd Mountain State Forest Festival
Photography Contest Winners

Maid Sylvia Choice: Charmagne Vecchio Nature category
Maid of Honor Hannah: John Sainato Category Black and White Hands
Maid of Honor Grace: Charmagne Vecchio Category Animal

Youth Category

Best of Show: Hailee Poling of Philippi
1st Floating in the Deep Alexis Brannon RCBHS
2nd Urban Sensation Alexis Brannon RCBHS
3rd Brody Skidmore Harman WV
4th Adria McKenzie Elkins


1st Abby the Spoon Lady John Sainato Elkins
2nd Dirty Faced Doll Sandra Miller Buckhannon
3rd My Pride Janet Mullen’s Montrose
4th Bedouin Contemplation John Sainato Elkins

Black and White

1st Remnants of Fire at Yellowstone Kilsong Cox Elkins
2nd Man on Tracks John Sainato Elkins
3rd Antarctic Textures John Terry Montrose
4th Snow Leaf Amanda Butler Elkins


1st The Haunted Flinderation Tunnel Charmagne Vecchio Lumberport
2nd Reflection of Capital Dome Kilsong Cox Elkins
3rd Dark hedges Northern Ireland John Sainato
4th Cooks Mill Al Tucker Buckhannon


1st Renie from Bridge John Terry Montrose
2nd Grand Prismatic Hot Spring of Yellowstone Kilsong Cox
3rd A Grandview Al Tucker Buckhannon
4th Matthew Toth Morgantown


1st Trust Your Mom John Terry Montrose
2nd Wood Duck Blue Reflection Joey Herron Fairmont
3rd What’s For Lunch John Terry Montrose
4th Green Herron Al Tucker Buckhannon

Best of Show: Magellanic Woodpecker John Terry

People’s Choice: Brody Skidmore Harman WV Albino Deer