Bass Fishing Tournament Entry Form

Click here to download the PDF version of our Bass Fishing Tournament Entry Form.

  • Please complete and remit by September 1.
  • You will be notified of your acceptance as a participant in the Bass Fishing Tournament by e-mail on or before September 6, 2019.
  • Release: By signing this form I release the Mountain State Forest Festival from any and all personal injury or property damage that I may incur as a result of my participation in the Mountain State Forest Festival.
  • Mountain State Forest Festival Bass Fishing Tournament RULES & REGULATIONS

  • 1. Entrants must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by an adult.

    2. Tournament official will disqualify any entrant for violation of tournament rules, unsportsmanlike conduct or rough handling of fish.

    3. All grievances will be made to tournament officials prior to weigh-in.

    4. Official’s decision is final.

    5. Live bait is not allowed.

    6. No trolling.

    7. All fishing must be done from inside entrant’s boat. Only one line per angler may be in the water at a time.

    8. Only two entrants permitted in boat during tournament hours. Partner changing during the tournament is not allowed.

    9. The catch limit is six (6) per team. All fish must measure ten (12) inches from tip of snout, with mouth closed to the end of the tail.

    10. Scores will be based on total weight.

    11. No dead fish will be weighed, NO culling of dead fish.

    12. No fishing is permitted within fifty (50) feet of another boat when anchored with trolling motor up.

    13. Contestants arriving late at check-in: ♦ Boat will be penalized one (1) pound per minute. ♦ Any contestant more than ten (10) minutes late will be disqualified.

    14. All boats must be registered and have required US Coast Guard Safety Equipment as well as Properly aerated live well or cooler.

    15. All boats must be in good condition.

    16. You MUST provide the tournament director with a COPY OF YOUR LIABILITY INSURANCE, WHICH MUST SHOW EXPIRATION DATE. Please submit with your entry form.

    17. Prizes money is presented based on the weight of your team’s catch. In case of a tie, position shall be Determined by dividing award equally among tied teams.

    18. Tournament officials will have the authority to change starting times or cancel tournament should Severe weather arrives, in which case the Mountain State Forest Festival will refund the entry fee.

    19. Landing Nets are permitted.

    20. Penalty for short fish will be loss of biggest fish. A courtesy board will be provided at weight in site.

    21. All boats must be inspected prior to start of tournament. It is the contestant’s responsibility to make sure boat is inspected.

    22. No more than six (6) bass may be in live wells at any time. Any person(s) found in violation of this rule will be disqualified.

    23. No entries at ramp. Boat numbers will be drawn at ramp.
  • Mountain State Forest Festival General Rules & Regulations

  • 1) Mountain State Forest Festival reserves the right to adjust locations in the event of inclement weather, inclement ground conditions or as needed.

    2) All applications for specific events and entry fees must be received by the deadline set for specific event.

    3) All applications will be reviewed by the designated Mountain State Forest Festival committee. Each exhibitor or vendor will be notified by mail/email if the application is accepted by the committee by the deadline advertised for that event.

    4) All registration fees are non-refundable unless specified in the specific rules for that event.

    5) A royalty will be charged to any vendor selling wears bearing the Mountain State Forest Festival and/or the official logo of the Mountain State Forest Festival.

    6) Please note any special needs on your application. We will attempt to meet the special need, if any additional fees are required for your request we will notify you of the additional fee within two (2) weeks of receiving your application and fee.

    7) The Mountain State Forest Festival, or any agent acting on its behalf, will not be responsible for damages to exhibitor’s/vendor’s displays, units or property.

    8) The Mountain State Forest Festival reserves the right to advertise the presence of the exhibitor or vendor. The exhibitor agrees to hold the Mountain State Forest Festival and any agent acting on its behalf harmless from any advertising or other liability.

    9) Unless otherwise agreed upon all hardware (i.e. electrical cords, tables, tents/canopy, coverings, lighting, etc.) is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor.

    10) Alcohol is strictly prohibited at any Mountain State Forest Festival event without prior written permission from the Mountain State Forest Festival.

    11) No merchandise depicting drugs, alcohol or tobacco may be sold, displayed or promoted at any Mountain State Forest Festival event without prior written permission.

    12) No item used to consume drugs may be sold, displayed or promoted at any Mountain State Forest Festival event.

    13) Mountain State Forest Festival reserves the right to request a vendor to remove any merchandise or display that the event organizers determine is unacceptable or inconsistent with the Forest Festival rules or philosophy.

    14) Mountain State Forest Festival reserves the right to evict any person/organization/business for failure to follow the General Rules or the Specific Rules for each event.

    By signing below I indicate I have read the General Rules & Regulations and understand each as they apply and have made a copy for myself/organization/business:
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