2022 Mountain State Forest Festival
Highland Dance Competition

  • October 1, 2022

    Davis & Elkins College Outdoor Amphitheatre, Elkins, WV

    Judge – Louise Reid


    16 Pas de Basques
    Pas de Basques and High Cuts
    Highland Fling (4)
    Sword Dance (2&1)

    Scottish Lilt (4)
    Highland Fling (4)
    Sword Dance (2&1)
    Sean Triubhas (3&1)

    Scottish Lilt (4)
    Highland Fling (4)
    Sword Dance (2&1)
    Sean Triubhas (3&1)

    Sailor’s Hornpipe (4)
    Highland Fling (4)
    Sword Dance (2&1)
    Sean Triubhas (3&1)
    Highland Laddie (4)

    Sailor’s Hornpipe (4)
    Scottish Lilt (4)
    Flora (4)
    Earl of Erroll (4)
    Blue Bonnets (4)


    Primary (ages 4 to 6)
    Pre-Premier: $25
    Premier: $30

    - all sponsors will be recognized on the event program & Facebook page

    Medal sponsor: $25
    Trophy Sponsor: $50


    Tickets are $5 and can be purchased online or at the door
    *All spectators must complete the Participant Waiver and the Assumption of Risk Waiver


    1. Dancing will conform to RSOBHD rules. Judge’s decision is final.
    2. Dancers must show 2022 ScotDance USA registration card on day of event in order to compete.
    3. $1 from each entry will be donated to SE ScotDance USA.
    4. Trophy will be awarded to the dancer with the highest points in each class. Cash awards for oldest Premier class. Primary will receive medals only.
    5. Registration is 8:30 am for morning events and 12:00 pm for afternoon events.
    6. Events begin at 9:00 am for Primary, Beginner, and Novice and no earlier than 12:30 pm for Intermediate and Premier.
    7. Pre-Premier and Premier events will be divided into age groups according to entries received.
    8. Age is determined the day of competition.
    9. A special award will be presented to the “Most Promising Beginner” – judge’s choice.
    10. Three $50 scholarships will be awarded in the pre-premier categories – judge’s choice.
    11. One $100 “Heart of the Highland Hills” award will be presented to a premier dancer – judge’s choice.’
    12. We reserve the right to combine or cancel any event due to lack of participation. If event is cancelled, competitors will be notified prior to the day before the competition.
    13. Entries must be received by September 18.

    COVID Rules and Regulations

    • If a person is feeling ill, he/she should not attend a SDUSA event.
    • All attendees at SDUSA events must comply with state, local & venue health and safety laws, rules, and regulations for physical distancing and masking.
    • The combined Assumption of Risk/Day of Competition Waiver must be completed for all adult attendees upon arrival. This waiver requires only one signature and will apply to all family members including the dancer.
    • These forms may be included with the entry form so that participants can read them ahead of time.
    • Dancers must bring a valid 2022 RSOBHD Registration card. No paper or electronic copy of the card will be accepted. Pre-Premier cards will be collected at Registration.
    • The Half Tulloch may not be danced in competition at this time. The SDUSA Board will review this decision in early summer.
    • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend masking as a prevention strategy for persons age 2 and older who are not fully vaccinated. The CDC also continues to recommend physical distancing to reduce transmission risk.
    • Dancers may wear a mask while competing or remove the mask before dancing on stage in which case a bag should be used to place the mask at the back of the stage. If a dancer feels more comfortable wearing a mask in the marshalling area, they should bring their own bag.
    • Dancers and spectators should have a mask available if required by law or for any situation where they would feel more comfortable wearing a mask.
    • Hand sanitizer stations should be available throughout the venue.
    • Wearing masks is a personal/family choice if there are no mask requirements in the state where the competition is held. Parents may encourage their children to wear masks to and from the marshaling area or in other congested areas.
    Changing rooms may be made available. Masks and physical distancing should be followed per State and local guidelines.
    • COVID-19 screening documents should continue to be collected as a measure of responsibility and accountability until advised otherwise by SDUSA.
    • A positive answer to any question on the 2022 Combined Waiver regardless of cause, will result in the individual being denied entry. Organizers may choose to refund entry fees if an individual is denied admission.
    Dancers must bring a valid 2022 SDUSA Registration Card.
    “It is the responsibility of all attendees to review these guidelines before coming to the competition.”
    Organizers should contact judges in advance regarding their comfort level and requirements for seating while judging. The judge should be seated a safe distance away from the competition stage and may wear a mask or face shield.
    A live piper may be used for outdoor or indoor competitions as long as there is enough space & ventilation.
    Dancers may wear a mask in the marshalling area, while competing or remove the mask before dancing on stage in which case a bag should be used to place the mask at the back of the stage.
    • Competition organizers should continue to have ample disinfectant wipes or spray and paper towels on hand.
    • Gloves are encouraged for instances where contamination with blood or body fluids may occur.
    • ScotDance USA reserves the right to return to more stringent guidelines should COVID numbers warrant. We will continue to monitor conditions and revise guidelines as necessary.

    For further information, please contact the organizer:
    Katy Dillon
    [email protected]

    Follow www.facebook.com/msffhighlanddance for continuous updates!
  • * If dancer is under 18, please list parent phone, cell and email
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Price: $5.00
  • Price: $0.00
  • $0.00
  • I, the undersigned (for myself, heirs, personal representatives and assigns) intending to be legally bound, do hereby waive and release all rights, claims, demands and/or causes of action against the Mountain State Forest Festival, city of Elkins, WV and Davis & Elkins College and all competition sponsors and volunteers for any personal injury which I might sustain during the contests, immediately known to me or hereafter discovered, and for any and all other damages or losses which I might incur, now or in the future, arising from or out of my participation in this contest. Permission is granted to use photographs and names for any and all purposes.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY