Mountain State Forest Festival Volunteers

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The Mountain State Forest Festival is dependent on a solid volunteer base to plan, coordinate and execute each of our many different events. We are so very grateful for the thousands of volunteers, who throughout our decades of festival celebrations, made us what we are today. We can find a place for everyone who has the desire to be a part of one of West Virginia’s oldest and largest festivals. Throughout the years of our traditions and new beginnings, the volunteers have worked together as a team representing Randolph County and the City of Elkins.

Each year the MSFF takes on a new Director General under the direction of a solid Board of Directors. The Director General is the leader of the Assistant Directors, Committee Chairpersons, and volunteers. We have many committees, tasks and needs to fit into anyone’s personal comfort zones. Our many volunteers are as diverse as many different events that take place on an annual basis for the organization. Any time of the year, any day of the week,most hours of day…..someone or some task is in need of a volunteer.

Join our festival team and become a volunteer. It’s contagious and passed on from generation to generation!

Complete an application and let us know what you like to do, what you are good at, or maybe something that you have always thought would be fun but not yet had the opportunity to try. Be apart of the wonderful traditions and new beginnings of the Mountain State Forest Festival and assist us in leaving a legacy for generations of Randolph Countians and West Virginians to celebrate the spendor of our mountains, riches of our natural resources, talents & skills of our residents and most of all our share in the friendly/geniune hospitality of our citizens.

Hope to hear from you soon……….